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Enrollment Procedure for Training at Virginia Flight School

  You must be a US citizen or an FAA/TSA approved non-US citizen registered for training in the USA. We can assist you with registration. Note: a background check for all non-US citizens should be done by the US government prior to any training.   According to FAA requirements, you must be fluent in speaking, writing and understanding the English language.   You must pass a physical by an FAA authorized doctor. The average fee for medical check is about $90. You could fine an Aviation Medical Examiner close to you here.   

Detailed information regarding FAA training and medical requirements, can be found on the FAA   For information concerning TSA's Alien Flight Training / Citizenship Validation Rules  and application for TSA check at  click here. For more information, or assistance, you can call and speak to our customer service staff during business hours.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to receive a Private Pilot Certificate?

It is up to our student to plan & schedule his program. FAA requirements are:

  • to take successfully written test with score more than 70%;
  • to finish flight training with minimum 40 hours.

Some students prefer to schedule intensive training and if they are well prepared in theory, it is possible to finish Program during 30-40 days. Usually this time is longer due to lack of time - students are busy with their work. 

Is everybody could fly on airplane or helicopter?

Yes, absolutely everybody can study and become a Private Pilot. Off course, If:

  • you are fit and can get 3-d class medical certificate
  • you can speak, understand and write English
  • you are able to pass written and profficiency check.

Private Pilot is the first unrestricted type of certificate and it is very easy to finish this training.

Is everybody could be a Commercial Pilot?

No, this training is the profficient level and people  should be ready for hard study and training.

To become a Commercial Pilot is more difficult - the requirements are high and training is longer.  You could do it, if you are able:

  • to get at least 2-d class medical certificate
  • speak, write and understand English
  • to study and pass written Commercial Test
  • to pass profficiency Commercial check (oral + airplane)



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How long does it take to finish Commercial Pilot training program?

It depends very much on the student - his ability to study a lot and  also available time.

In the best case, Commercial Pilot program can be done during 1 year. Average time is 18 month, if student has enough free time to study.

How long are flight lessons?

Most flights are about 1.5 hour. Also briefing and post-flight briefing session is about 30 minutes. So average time for lessons is 2 hours, depending on your skills and maneuvers during the training.

Is the night training required for all pilots?

Yes, night training is necessary part of training for Private and Commercial Pilot certificate.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a training syllabus?

The syllabus is a schedule of lessons for training iaccording to each Program. It explains what skills and maneuvers you will practice during each flighht and it helps you to track your progress toward completing yout training. 

Your instructor can adopt your training program according to your knowledge level and skills, but in the end of training, you need to be able to perform all maneuvers and take practical check with Designated Pilot Examiner (DPE).

When am I ready for solo?

Your first solo flight is a big event and your first achievement. Your instructor will sign you for solo and the most important task is to ensure that you can safely control the airplane and able to do all basic maneuvers. Most students are ready for solo after 15-20 hours of flight training.

What is the oral / practical exam?

After your program is completed and FAA written test is done, you will meet with a Designated Pilot Examiner (DPE), who will first check your theoretical knowledge during oral part of exam. 

After you will fly with examiner, who will check all maneuvers according to FAA requirements (Commercial Pilot, Instrument Rating, Muli-Engine Rating, Private Pilot).  After successful exam he will issue temprorarily certificate, whichh is valid for 120 days. Congratulations - you have done it !

Later you will receive your permanent certificate from FAA by mail.


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Is it possible to take flight training, if you have full time employement?

Yes, it is possible. Majority of our students work or run their businesses, it is our task to find the best solution for you how to organise flight training properly.  We are flexible and ready to provide the best organizaiton and scheduling for you.

Is it possible to take training on own airplane?

Yes, you could use your own aircraft for training. We do not recommend to start training in complex aircraft with retractable gear and constant speed propeller in the beginning. It will be not the best solution for you. It is better to move to complex training later. Also you can not start training on high-performance and multy engine airplane in the beginning 

What is the best approach in flight training?

It is very important to move gradually in flight training (step by step):

  • from simple to complex
  • from known to unknown
  • from easy to difficult maneuvers.

Also it is necessary to study theory in order to be ready to move successfully during flighht training. Good theoretical knowledge and professional skills are required to become a good pilot.


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